Bleink SL

It is a network service that provides users ("you") Information about studies Tattoo. where couldton interact directly by users and application studiesorn. Using the app couldtoNo booking time, chat and sell designsñyou.

Our website, properties for devices morvile and related applications (collectively, our "Website") Are part of Bleink SL

By accessing our website and using our services, you acknowledge that you have himído and understood this Política Privacy, así as prtopractices of recopilaciorny treatment informationorn described therein.

This Política Privacy was updatedor by orlast time on 5 March 2018. we may make changes to this Política Privacy periorcally; therefore, we recommend that you check regularly to stay informed of any upgradeorn.


This PolíPrivacy tica described in detail our política and our prtopractices in relationorn with recopilaciorn, use and Disclosureorn of informationorn about you.

We understand that provide informationorn network involves a high degree of trust on your part. Therefore, we take this trust very seriously and it is our mtoXima priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of informationorNo staff providing us when you visit our web site or when you use our services.

Quand informationorn collect from you

Corhow we use your informationorn

with quiandn we share their informationorn

during cutonto time keep your informationorn

Cutoare their rights and options regarding recopilaciorny use of your informationorn

Corhow we protect your informationorn

Children's Privacy

external links

International transfers

Changes in this Política Privacy

Cormo can contact us


Quand informationorn collect from you

In general.

We receive and store any informationorn you enter on our website or provide us otherwise in a data file (identify), which collects personal data, duly registered in accordance with Law 15/1999 of 13 December on protectionorn data cartoPersonal character, developed by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, approving the regulation of security measures for automated files containing data of car is approvedtoPersonal character .. This includes informationorn that can be used to identify you as an individual or to contact you directly ("informationorstaff n").

the informationorPersonal information includes norn you provide, such as name and surname, nornumber of telandphone, the addressorn order, the addressorn of electronic mailornico, the user name and passwordñto, así as the informationorn BILLINGorn (e.g., norcard number cranddito, the name of the cardholder and the date of expiryorn card).

You can choose not to provide this informationorn staff, but overall we need to provide some information about yourself so you can receive relevant offers from Blein SL and its partners, así to be able to enjoy the demtos advantages of being a registered member. Ademtos, alsoandNo specific information is requiredorn so you can ask questions or initiate other transactions on our site.

They are always safe their rights of access, Rectificationorn, oppositionorny cancelationorn their data headedandndose written copy of your ID to the addressorn Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.



informationorn on others.

If you make a reservation for someone else to travands of BLEINK app, dutyto send the informationorNo such person staff. To do this, you must obtain the consent of those people before providing your informationorn staff, since access to view or modify such informationorn only beto available travands your account. Please note that the use of this informationorn is harto always in accordance with the Law on ProtectionorNo applicable data.

Recopilaciorn Autototica of informationorn.

So automatictotica collect certain informationorn your computer or device when you visit Bleink. For example, we collect data SESIorn, including addressorn IP, web browser software and website sender. Tambiandn we may collect informationorn about the displayed contents, the profiles that were visited and borsquedas and / or reserves that were provided or made. One of our goals in collecting this informationorn AutotoTica is to better understand the interests and preferences of our users to customize the user experience.

informationorn Pay.

If you make reservations (which continued to) provided by Bleink SL we will collect your informationorNo payment, including norcard number cranddito, name of cardholder, expiry dateorn, the corI say of authenticationorNY addressorn BILLINGorn. We transmit this informationorn securely to the reservation provider to complete the transactionorn.

We may offer members the optionorn storing informationorn related to the electionorn and mandall payment on our website. If you save such payment details on Bleink SL, couldto add, delete or modify this informationorn at any time in the configurationorn account.




informationorn ubicaciorny other data devices.

When using an applicationorn on a device, the information collect and useorn about you generally the same manner and for the same proporsites that when you use the website Bleink. Ademtos, we may collect informationorn on its locationorn If you have authorized your device so you can send that informationorna APPLYINGorNo configuration byorNo privacy device, or if you've uploaded photos tagged with informationorn ubicaciorn. We may use the informationorn ubicaciorn collected travands of your device or your photos to enhance their use of the applicationorn to provide relevant content and contextual advertising. For example, we may use its locationorn to show opinions tattoo parlors that are near you.

 You can change the configurationorn privacy its device at any time in order to disable functionality to share informationorn ubicaciorn with the applicationorny / or functionality to tag your photos with informationorn ubicaciorn. Note that disable sharing the locationorn may affect certain characterísticas of our applicationorn. If you have questions about Configurationorn privacy of your device, we suggest you contact the manufacturer of your device or your service provider morvile for help.

Cookies and other technologiesíweb as.

we collect informationorna travands use of cookies and other technologiesíSimilar ace (such as web beacons). Cookies are smallñyou text files that are stored automtomatically on your computer or device morvil when visiting prtovirtually any website. They stored at travands Internet browser. Cookies contain informationornbtomusic about their Internet use. Your browser Reenvíthese cookies to the website each time you revisit, so you can recognize your computer or device morvile, así as customize and enhance the navigation experienceorn.

Tambiandn may ndtos informationorGeneral n about cookies, including informationorn on cormo know whatand cookies were set up on your device, cormo manage them or delete them on websites

BLEINK, their affiliated websites and applications use cookies for the following proporGeneral sites:

To help us recognize your browser as a previous visitor, así as to save and remember any preferences that could have been set when the browser visitor our site. For example, if you registror on our site, we may use cookies to remember informationorNo registration, so you do not have to restart SESIorn each time you visit the site. Tambiandn we may record your passwordñto in a cookie, if marcor the box labeled "Remember me on this computer unless you close the sessionorn". Note that the User ID, the Passwordñas and any other data related to the account be included in such cookieston coded security purposes.

To help us customize content, experience and ads that are offered on our websites and in our applications, así and other Internet websites. For example, we, our service providers or our partners establish a automatic cookietoautomatically when you access a ptoweb page, to recognize your browser as you surf the Internet and to present informationorny advertising functionorn their apparent interests. seeViewingorn advertising / Your choicesfor mtos informationorn about prtol advertising practicesínea and its options.

To help us investigate and evaluate the effectiveness of characterísticas, bids, ads and communications by e-mailornico (to determine whichand electronic mailsornicos opens on cutothey actorto).

the sectionorn Help toolbar asíto browsers will indicateto corhow to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, corhow to make your browser to notify receptionorn of a new cookie ocormo disable non-essential types of cookies. Note that if you refuse to accept cookies, you may not access many of the travel tools offered on our sites.

Our sites alsoandn use web beacons (alsoandn called transparent GIF, labels píxel orWeb bugs), which are grtoa tiny GRAPHICS orunique identifier that are placed in the corI say a ptoweb page, and its functionorn is similar to that of cookies. We use Web beacons to monitor patterns trtofico users from a ptopage of our sites to another, to provide or establish a communicationorn with cookies, to see if the user arrivedor to our site from an ad in línea displayed on a third party website and improve site performance. Tambiandn can allow our service providers to use Web beacons to help us know whatand electronic mailsornicos have opened the recipients and to track the trtofico visitors and actions on our site. This helps us evaluate the effectiveness of our content and other offerings.


Corhow we use your informationorn

Proporgeneral sites

Bleink uses the informationorn we collect about you for the followingproporGeneral sites:

     to record and manage your account, así to allow access to our site and use it;

     to communicate with you in general, including to provide informationorn about Bleink.

     to allow us to publish their opinions, forum posts and other content in the community of Bleink;

     to answer your questions and comments;

     to measure interands in our products and services, así as on our website, and to improve them;

     to notify you of special offers and inform you of products and services, either our or our partners, that may interest you according to your marketing preferences;

     to otherwise customize your experience with Bleink, including the customizationorn of the ads we show you;

     to request informationorn, including through surveys;

     to resolve conflicts or troubleshoot problems;

     to prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities;

     to enforce our Terms of Use; Y

     described for otherwise at the time of recopilaciorn.

Communications by e-mailornico

We find it ftocil take advantage of opportunities related tattoos centers are available on our website. One of the mandall we use to achieve this is the envíor electronic mail messagesorThey are containing unique informationorn on their rights related to the world of Tattoo according to your marketing preferences interests. We believe these messages E-MAILornico provide youtoNo informationorn ortil about special offers related services available to travands of our sites. Note that couldto choose to stop receiving these messages of electronic mailorunique in each of the electronic mailsornicos we send you.

See sectionorn "Cutoare their rights and options regarding recopilaciorny use of your informationorn" mtos below for informationorAdditional n.

with quiandn we share their informationorn

Bleink may share your informationorn with the following entities:

Tambiandn we may share your informationorn if we consider, in our sole discretionorn, that spreading itorn is required...

to comply with the subpoenas orcourt orders legítims and applicable, or other legal process; to establish or exercise our legal rights; to defend against legal claims; or in other cases where the law requires. In such cases, we reserve the right to introduce or remove any Objectionorno legal right that we have;

to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal or suspected illegal activities; to protect and defend the rights, property or safety of Bleink, our customers or others; and in relationorn with ourTerms of useand other agreements; or

in connectionorn with a transactionorCorporate n, as a divestmentorn, fusionorn, consolidationorno sale of assets, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

If you create a profile in Bleink, certain informationorn your profile couldto seen and identified porpublicly by clicking your screen name. will haveto the ability to view their profile just as you seeton members porpublic. Ademtos, if you choose to participate in our programs communication between members (p. eg., courieríto private), it is possible that other members of Bleink app to contact you using Bleink as an intermediary; However, Bleink not shareto your addressorn of electronic mailorNico ningorn another Member or showto porpublicly. All members have the option Bleinkorn disable characterísticas comunicaciorn between members at any time.

Ademtos of the foregoing, receiveto one notificationorn when its informationorNo staff will be shared with third parties, and couldto choose to not share such informationorn.

Tambiandn we may share informationorn anorNima or aggregate with third parties, including advertisers and investors.

during cutonto time keep your informationorn

We may store certain informationorn associated with your account on file, including required to proporsites of antolysis or to preserve the integrity of documentationorn registered. The períOdos during which store your informationorn depend on the proporsite for which recopilor and the use to which it is intended.

No store your informationorn staff mtos time necessary for our proporcommercial or legal requirements sites. We may store certain informationorn for a períODO time afterands that you have closed your account with us, for example when this informationorn is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations or to exercise, defend or establish legal rights.



Cutoare their rights and options regarding recopilaciorny use of your informationorn

You can choose not to provide your informationorn staff, although it may be necessary to enjoy certain characterísticas they offered in Bleink.

You have the right to ask cutol is the informationorn staff about you that we have; To do this, you must contact us at the addressorn indicated AHEADorn (see "Contact us").

We strive to ensure that your informationorNo personnel is relevant to its intended use, Ademtos accurate and complete. Tambiandn can review, add or update the informationorn that proportion weor; for it,visit the ptoSubscriptions page on our Website.

Tambiandn can add or update informationorny close your account as described above. If you decide to close your account Bleink, we deactivate your account and then delete the informationorn your profile active view.

To close your account Bleink, porngase contact us byemailornico. We will send you an electronic mailornico to confirm your request. Note that, afterands closing an account, no longer couldto start sessionorn or access your informationorn staff. However, couldto open a new account at any time

When registering as a member of will have Bleinkto the opportunity to give us your marketing preferences, and couldto choose to receive marketing messages by e-mailornico from Bleink. As a registered member, you can modify your choices at any time travands CONFIGURATIONorn of electronic mailornico in ptosubscriptions page.

Whether estto Bleink registered as a member or not, will haveto the opportunity to cancel your subscriptionorna promotional messages in each of the electronic mailsornicos we send you.

Note that it is possible to send you other communications, including service announcements and administrative messages related.


the sectionorn Help toolbar asíto browsers will indicateto corhow to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, corhow to make your browser to notify receptionorn of a new cookie ocorhow to disable cookies altogether. Note that if you refuse to accept cookies from Bleink, you can notto access certain sections of our site.

Corhow we protect your informationorn

We want to feel safe when using Bleink and we are committed to protecting the informationorn we collect. although ningorA website can guarantee íntegramente your safety, we have implemented and maintain measures fílowed, administrative, tandtechniques and organizational measures to protect the informationorn staff providing us against unauthorized or unlawful access, use of Disclosureorn, p and againstandlosses, givesños, alterations or accidental destruction. For example, only authorized employees can access the informationorn staff, and they can only do so to carry out permitted business functions. We also use codificationorn to transmit the informationorstaff n between our system and theirs, así and between our system and the parties with whom we share the informationorn confidential; Ademtos, we use firewalls and detection systemsorNo intrusion to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your informationorn.

Children's Privacy

Bleink is a site for the porgeneral public and does not provide services to the notñyou. If we know that a person under añHe has sent us informationorn personnel, remove or destroy such informationorn as soon as reasonably possible.



external links

It is possible that our website include links to third party websites. If you access other websites from links provided on our website, you may operators of such websites collect informationorn about you and use it according to their política Privacy, which may differ from our Política Privacy. We recommend that you examine the privacy statements posted on those other websites to understand their procedures when collect, use and disclose informationorn staff.

International transfers

You may ALGorn type companies, agents and third party contractors we hire to perform services on our behalf need to transfer your informationorn staff internationally, including territories outside the US. UU. and Europe, in order to offer their services. Some of these areas may not have protection lawsorn as strict as US data. UU. and Europe, but we have implemented measures to safeguard your informationorn staff according to the present Política privacy at all times.

Changes in this Política Privacy

Bleink can change or modify the present Política Privacy in the future. At the bottom of this ptogina indicate the date on which they were made the orltimas revisions to the present Política Privacy, and all revisions will havetoNo effect immediately afterands of its publicationorn. We notify our members of all important changes made in this Política privacy by envíor a notice to the addressorn of electronic mailornico they have provided us or by publishingorn of a notice on our website. We recommend that you consult this Política Privacy periorcally to check the versionornmtocurrent s.

Cormo can contact us

If you have any questions about this Política privacy porngase contact us THROUGHands of:

Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.